A Few Brief Words

Norenwear began seventeen years ago in a small sample factory in New York City's acclaimed Garment District. High up in the clouds, on the 17th floor, I spent countless late nights digging into the depths of menswear design.

I bought Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and other designer shirts to take apart and study. After carefully removing all the stitching, I pressed and laid out the pieces and started drafting patterns, teaching myself as I went what went into a great fit, a perfect collar point, and a well draped body.

For the next decade and a half, I continued this process, carefully dissecting every single element that goes into a finely crafted mens dress shirt as well as other menswear staples. Thousands of garments later, I decided to open my books and begin crafting these beautiful pieces for others.

In our world of fast-fashion and disposability, there's an even greater need for a new style of tailoring. Tailoring is no longer an old-style of production, it's a new way to create individuality. New American Tailoring is about using old-world-craft to create new modern identity. Our customers want to break the chains of mass production and wear articles of clothing created specifically for their own journey on this planet. 

With Norenwear, I'm aiming to combine the highest standards of fit, quality and craftsmanship to provide a unique service of tailor-made garments to fit the specific and unique needs of your own personal journey.